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Protection from leaking milk is important to every woman, but many women never think to use cloth and instead turn to disposables.

Cloth is:

Comfortable - it doesn’t contain sticky plastics, itchy chemicals and feels soft and comfortable against the skin

Breathable - keeping your skin healthy and minimizing the soreness and irritation associated with early breastfeeding

Chemical-free - most disposable pads contain harmful chemicals that are being placed against skin that your baby will be suckling on, they also release toxins into our landfills when they are thrown away

Discrete - cloth molds against your skin and relaxes, the highly absorbent fabrics we use allow for fewer layers to minimize visibility

Re-useable - you’ll never run out, simply wash, dry and reuse!

Organic Bamboo Velour/Wool with extra Hemp Core Breastpads-Super Absorbant Nursing Pads Breastpads
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Organic Bamboo Velour/Wool with extra Hemp Core Breastpads

Our Organic Bamboo Velour/Wool with extra Hemp Core Breastpads are made with one layer of organic bamboo velour, one layer of hemp and backed with a layer of wool interlock. These pads provide the ultimate protection even during nursing letdown.  Highly recommended for new nursing moms - the bamboo inhibits bacteria growth while the natural oils help prevent the material from sticking to sore, cracked nipples. The wool backing provides a thick wetness protection barrier for that easy let-down.


Machine washable (recommend hand wash), line dry.

985 in stock

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