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Cloth menstrual pads are not only more comfortable, they are also a healthier alternative to disposable pads. Cloth menstrual pads, also known as cloth mama pads or mama cloth, do not contain harmful chemicals like those found in most disposable maxipads. Many women are switching to a more natural choice.

Fresh Moon SnapOn cloth menstrual pads are an interchangeable system that allows you to customize your day-to day absorbency needs. A SnapOn system consisting of a trim body and soakers; you choose what 'snaps on'.

Choose from wool or polyester fleece as a barrier body. Pair them with a soaker pad to complete your system.

You can use the bodies through 2-4 soaker changes depending on your flow, and arrange different combinations to customize for your personal cycle pattern.

You may also choose Fresh Moon All In One pads for a more simple approach to your needs. And for lighter days, our Simple Liners are the perfect choice!

Did you know...

Tampons have been linked to chronic and recurrent vaginitis?

Plastic tampon applicators have sharp edges that can lacerate the vaginal wall when you insert them?

Every brand of tampon has been found to cause dryness and even tiny ulcers?

"Sanitary products" can be placed on the shelves for your purchase without passing any kind of safety or efficacy tests?

More on the health effects of disposable feminine products.


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The Period Predicament- the health and economics behind cloth menstural products.
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Did you know...
North American women spend over 2 billion dollars a year on disposable pads and tampons?
A woman can spend close to $3000 in her lifetime on disposable feminine products?
A woman who chooses re-usable, cotton pads will spend only $2.52 per month!
More on the costs of disposable feminine products.



Contoured holders with wings that wrap around the underwear and have two snap closure settings. 9" has two sockets to attach the soakers, while the 11" and 13" have three.

Available in Wool or Micro fleece, these are considered barrier bodies and will help to prevent leaks on your underwear and pants.

Bodies can be reused between washings by snapping in a clean soaker pad; much like a diaper cover they can be spot clean and air dried for use later that day. Wool should be hand washed and line dried while the WindPro can be machine washed and dried with no special care requirements.



Did you know...

Roughly 12 billion sanitary pads are land filled or incinerated in the US each year?

A woman throws away 10,000 pads or tampons in her lifetime?

Manufacturers of tampons and pads are not legally required to list ingredients used in making feminine products -products we wear next to our most vulnerable parts?

Most feminine hygiene products produced in North America are made using chlorine gas or chlorine dioxide bleached wood pulp, leaving trace amounts of dioxins and furans (the most toxic chemicals on earth)?

More on the environmental effects of disposable feminine products.


Soaker Pads, All In Ones & Simple Liners

Soaker Pads are contoured snap-on pads with snap studs to attach to the body. 9" has two sockets to attach to the body; 11" and 13" have three. Postpartum Soakers are 14" and extra wide with flared ends for maximum coverage especially while lying down. Internally sewn soaker for extra absorbency. These can be worn inside full-cut underwear alone (without SnapOn body) as well.

All In Ones are pads made with one moisture blocking layer of fleece or wool topped by organic cotton/hemp blended fleece. There is no need to purchase bodies with your All In Ones as they are a one-piece design.

Simple Liners are bodies without the snap sockets. These are great as panty liners, suitable for light flow or as back up for tampons, sea sponge tampons or Keepers.

*9" Soaker Pad and Body

Sizing for Soakers, All In Ones and Simple Liners

Simple Liner


Soaker Pad

All In One


All In Ones - 9"
* Bamboo Velour * Fleece Backing * Organic Cotton Hemp

Fabric choices for Soaker Pads, All In Ones & Simple Liners
Each pad is made with a base of organic cotton/hemp blend fleece. This all natural fabric is not only grown without the use of pesticides, studies have shown again and again that hemp inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi like yeast. Cotton alone will not do this!

You can now to purchase pads with an additional top layer of Organic Bamboo Velour! Bamboo is 60% more absorbant than cotton and it inhibits the growth of bacteria and yeast much like hemp. You'll enjoy the added benefits of health protection and the super soft and luxurious fabric will feel divine against your skin!




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